Amazing Cats in History

Any cat owner will tell you how amazing cats are! Cats are incredibly smart creatures (just like their owners of course) and throughout history, cats have done some pretty astounding things! 

We found three award-winning cats who have made their species proud!  

Simon, The Navy Cat

Simons story begins in 1948 in Hong Kong, when a young crew member of the British Ship, HMS Amethyst, notices Simon alone at the docks and smuggles him onboard. It wasn’t long until the entire crew knew about Simon, and he was very much loved! Lieutenant Commander Bernard Skinner developed a special bond with Simon and they spent most of their time together. Amidst an attack during the Chinese Civil War, Skinner was killed and Simon suffered shrapnel wounds but with care from the ship medical crew, he survived and soon returned to his morale-boosting duties. 

After the attack, Simon became somewhat of a celebrity and was awarded the ‘Animal Victoria Cross’ and the rank of ‘Able Seacat’! On his arrival to the United Kingdom, Simon was subject to quarantine and passed away in 1949 due to complications from his war wounds. A book, Simon Ships Out: How One Brave, Stray Cat Became a Worldwide Hero, was written in his honour. 

Faith, The Church Cat

Faiths story begins in London at the start of the Second World War. Faith, a stray tabby cat, kept trying to sneak into St. Augustine’s church. Father Henry Ross kept turning her away but eventually allowed her into the church, where she quickly made herself at home, catching mice and attending every mass. Faith kept close to Father Ross and would always lay at his feet during the service. Eventually, Faith birthed a single male kitten, which the church named Panda (due to his black and white fur) and both cats enjoyed their church life. One day, Father Ross noticed Faith wanting to go down to the basement, one he opened the basement door, Faith carried Panda down into the basement and continued to do that every time Fathe Ross tried to bring Panda back out from the basement. Father Ross moved their beds down to the basement, and days later, the church was bombed by Nazi Germany in an attack known as the “The Blitz”. Despite much of the church being damaged, Faith and Panda survived the attack, safe and sound in the basement. Faith was awarded a PDSA medal for bravery and lived out her days at the church, and eventually was laid to rest in the churchyard.

Tara, The Hero Cat

Taras rise to fame came in 2014 in Bakersfield, CA. On May 13, a four-year-old boy named Jeremy Triantafilo was playing in front of his family’s home when a neighbourhood dog darted around the car parked in the driveway and attacked the boy, grabbing his leg and pulling him off his bicycle and onto the ground. Tara lept into action, launching herself at the dog and knocking him aside. She chased the dog away and then returned to Jeremy’s side. With Taras help, Jeremy was lucky to escape with minor injuries and only required 10 stitches. 

Tara became a local hero and was awarded the ‘Blue Tiger Award’ and the ‘Los Angeles SPCA’S Hero Dog Award. 

A cat winning a dog award made cat lovers everywhere very proud! 

Do you have an amazing cat story to share? We’d love to hear it. 
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