Are you ready for a pet?

The addition of a furry family member can be an exciting and life-changing moment, but definitely not one to be taken lightly. Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment, and with such a big decision, there should be plenty of research and legwork, in the beginning, to ensure you and your family are ready for it! To assist you in the decision-making process, we’ve compiled a few of the most important factors to consider before adopting a new pet!

Deciding on the right pet for you:

Although the idea of an adorable puppy or kitten may be appealing to most, these pets require a lot more work than, say, a bird, reptile, or fish. When you are considering adding a pet to the family, ensure you take into account all the practicalities of what caring for a living creature entails. Most domestic birds and fish are far less maintenance overall than a 10-week old puppy or kitten that requires almost constant attention. With that being said, the addition of a fur-baby can significantly improve your mood by reducing stress as research has proven that people with pets are generally happier!

Initial and ongoing expenses

Among household pets, dogs tend to be the most expensive. The majority of the financial outlay for any pet is at the beginning of the process, and there are many costs people easily forget to include in their pet budget. Medical expenses can quickly add up with things like desexing, worming, vaccinations, and on top of this, there are essentials like a good-quality bed, pet food, toys, and training. Another cost that is commonly overlooked until it’s desperately needed is pet insurance; this could save you thousands in the long run! 

Travel and long-term lifestyle decisions

A point that probably needs to be reiterated more often than not is that pets are, or should be, for life. Although no one can have a definite plan in place for 10 or 15 years down the track, potential pet owners need to have a relatively clear idea of where they might be when it comes to working and living arrangements as well as family and travel plans in the long-term. As most pets get older, they require more time and dedication to care for too, which means actually having the capacity to do so.

Pets are an incredible addition to any home, and when all the right measures are put in place, they make life a lot more fun! We also understand that things come up and people need holidays – this is where we come in. Our staff look after every pet that comes through our door as if they are their own and with first-class facilities, they’ll feel right at home too!

At Northshore Pet Resort, each member of our staff is trained and committed to the safety and happiness of your fur babies. If you’re looking for accommodation for your pet, contact us via our online contact form

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