Brand New Pet Rooms – The Construction Story

As Northshore Pet Resort approached 10 years of being in operation, it became clear that there was a need for more pet rooms at the Resort! All the rooms were being booked out almost 6 months ahead of Christmas, and so we decided to go ahead with our plans to expand the Resort and ensure that our services were available to as many fabulous Brisbane pet owners as possible.

With our Development Application approved, the building process commenced mid-2019. We searched far and wide for a building company that could think outside the box, and work with us to help make our project a reality. We had several requirements to comply with under our Development Application approval, and eventually, we found the Axiom Construction Group, who were as enthusiastic as us about our unique project! Here are some of the key areas in the design and construction of our beautiful new pet rooms.

The very beginning of construction – The Frame

Sound Proofing & Insulation

Our building needed to be constructed in a way that provided soundproofing to the required standard for Moreton Bay Council, whilst also being well insulated to ensure that the pets are kept cool in summer and warm in winter. Jay Perham, Director of Axiom Construction, came up with a solution that ticked all the boxes. Using insulation layers in the walls, internal soundproof sheeting over the top, and finished with state-of-the-art acoustic sound baffles, our new rooms well exceeded the parameters that we wanted to meet for sound attenuation and temperature control.

Insulation layers!
Internal walls going in!


We worked with Euan from Tough Floors, who has extensive experience laying Epoxy floors within the Pet Industry! With so many colours to choose from, we were able to select a beautiful combination to add a professional and colourful feature to our pet rooms. Aside from looking great, Epoxy flooring makes a tough, safe (slip-resistant) and durable floor where even the most playful pups claws can’t leave a mark.

Laying the Epoxy
The finished floor
Close up of the finished floor


After lots of research and recommendations, we designed our custom-made ventilation system to ensure maximum pet comfort all year around. All Cool Industries, who have extensive experience designing systems for Pet Care Facilities, worked with us to design and install this system to ensure maximum airflow, minimal noise, and additional manual control so that we can keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ventilation system installation

Raised Floor & Lightweight Design

With a raised floor design being necessary, we faced the challenge of ensuring that the internal fit-out of the building (in other words, the pet rooms!) were lightweight, functional, and of course cheerful and bright. We chose to use Therian, who are leaders in the industry of kennel design and installation. Gavin Biggs, CEO of Therian, consulted, designed and built the pet rooms, which incorporate fear-free colours that are proven to be soothing to animals and lessen their stress and fear.

Therian – Resort Room installation
Therian – Guest Room installation

Sunlight, Brightness, Artwork!

It was particularly important to us that the guest pets felt like they were in an open, sunlit, bright and cheerful environment. We worked hard on decorating the rooms with beautiful artwork and greenery, which combined with huge windows all around the building has given the pets a special place to relax and unwind.

Wall art – close up!
Wall art – fine detail

Wall Art


These new pet rooms are expected to be up and running for the September 2020 school holidays! Call our friendly team on 3203 3332 to make a holiday reservation for your fur pets.

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