Vet treatment while staying at Northshore Pet Resort (NPR)

Should your pet need vet treatment during your pet’s stay at our resort we will:

  • Try to contact you on the contact numbers that you have left (it is your responsibility to leave us contact numbers)
  • Should we be unable to contact you we will make the decision in the best interest for the pet acting with in the terms of the boarding contract.
  • The pet will be taken to the vet of NPR choice unless told and noted by the client on the bottom of the boarding contract to take to a specific vet.
  • All vets bills will be required to be paid by the pet’s owner as per the contract of boarding.
  • Should your pet be taken to NPR’s choice of vet a fee will be charged for transport and time spent at vet. (Est. from – $40.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hour or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • Should you request to have your pet taken to a vet of your choice for treatment Northshore Pet resort will charge a cost for transport starting at (cost depends on vet location and time spent at vet) (Est. from – $40.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hour or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • It is at the discretion for NPR to have the vet come to the resort to treat the pet and vet travel is to be paid by their owner as per boarding contract.

Booking Fees

A 40% per pet booking fee of the total booking is required to make a booking. The booking cannot be confirmed until the booking fee is paid. A booking fee is required for each booking and is deducted from the total due at the time of account settlement. These fees are not refundable or transferable; conditions apply – see cancellation policy below for more information (these conditions are not negotiable).

Booking is an acceptance of our conditions of boarding, signed at time of admittance of pet.  Should you wish to see the conditions prior to admittance please contact the office. It is the responsibility of the client to ask in advance should you wish to see the conditions of boarding prior to admittance date and no refunds will be accepted should you not agree with the conditions at time of admittance.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee will be charged for all bookings that are cancelled. These fees are not refundable or transferable.

If between 30 & 90 days cancellation notice is provided in writing, NPR may, at its discretion, refund up to 50% of the booking fee. If more than 90 days cancellation notice is provided in writing NPR may, at its discretion refund up to 80% of the booking fee. 30 days notice or less there will be no refund.

(these conditions are not negotiable).

In the event a refund is granted, the refunds will have an administration fee deducted of $55 or 10% of the refund amount, whichever is greater.

Temporary Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations as a result of a Covid-19 government enforced restriction will have their booking fee credited (less a $55 administration fee) for use on a future booking at NPR. Our standard cancellation policy applies for any refunds requested.
  • Cancelations made under the Temporary Covid-19 policy must show proof of booking destination and reasonable cause for cancelation such as a government restricted area enforcement or area lock down.
  • Standard cancelation policy will apply for change of mind.

General Conditions

The resort manager has the right to refuse admission of any animal without being required to give explanation.

PLEASE NOTE: Northshore Pet Resort is not responsible for your pet’s coat while staying with us. This includes matting, knotting, smell ect. The resort offers a complimentary hydro bath on departure, and grooming is only offered subject to availability of our contractor, Brush Puppies Grooming.

If you pet is arriving at the Resort after 10am, please let our friendly staff know during check-in if your pet requires feeding.

Both Samford & Northshore pet resort require a letter from the pet’s owner in any case, when a pet is being taken out of boarding for a day trip/excursion. Letter must indicate permission for that person to do so. Letter must include the person’s name address and mobile contact.

Bookings transferred between Samford Pet Resort and Northshore Pet Resort for which have a booking fee paid will have a minimum $55 administration fee deducted from the transfer amount.

Pet Vaccinations

All dogs must have at least a C5 vaccination, all cats to have at least a F3 vaccination.  A current vaccination certificate must be produced for each pet on admission, showing that the vaccination was done within the preceding 12 months and that the due date for the next vaccination has not been passed.  Vaccinations should be given a minimum of two weeks (14 days) prior to boarding, so that full immunization is gained before entry to Northshore Pet Resort.  All puppies or kittens must have had their full course of vaccination and be 2 weeks after their 3rd and final vaccination before they can be accepted (generally they are about 18 weeks old).  If vaccination has lapsed then these pets must undergo a vaccination program like that of an unvaccinated animal, i.e. 2 vaccinations (C5 or F3) a month apart. 2 weeks after the 2nd shot they are then able to board with us at Northshore Pet Resort.  Note: If vaccination is overdue, but less than 30 days from due date, exceptions can be made at the Resort Managers discretion only if the follow is abided – (injectable vaccination, 14 day isolation period), (intranasal vaccination, 48hrs isolation period), (Oral vaccination, 24hr isolation period)  

Discounts and Special Offers

Only one discount can be applied to any single order. No two offers can be used at the same time. Discounts are not a right but a gesture and NPR reserves the right to not allow a discount on a booking at our own discretion. The free van services is classed as a discount.

Conditions of Boarding

  • Tick prevention is recommended for all pets.
  • No vouchers or other discounts can be used with conjunction to the free van service.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to undesexed pets. For more information please contact us.
  • We cannot guarantee the room your pet will be staying in. Rooms cannot be held or reserved, however rooms may be requested and if available we will try to book your pet into this room. Pets may be moved into another room during the stay at the discretion of the resort.
  • Prices based on per pet per day.
  • Unfortunately we do not take Diabetic pets or pets requiring insulin over school and public holidays.
  • NPR, its employees and agents are not responsible for pets coat condition while at resort or at departure & thereafter. This includes matting, knotting, smell ect.  NPR offers external grooming options that are at a fee for service if you feel your pet requires it.
  • All rates for standard dog kennels are based on shared accommodation.
  • NOTE: Incompatible dogs needing single accommodation due to not meeting resorts requirement or not a social breed will be required to pay double rates during busy periods. This is determined by resort management. To see if your pet or your pet’s breed falls into this category, contact resort staff.
  • All dogs must be desexed & vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Bordetella (C5 or 5-in-1). You must show a copy of the vaccination certificate on entry.
  • Vaccinations must be completed in full. This includes all 3 puppy injections.
  • Vaccinations must be given to pets at least 14 days prior to booking in.
  • Pets vaccinations must be given within a 12 month continual cycle.
  • A hydrobath fee will be charged if your dog is not clean or has fleas on arrival.
  • A complimentary hydrobath is given upon departure in most cases. If over night stay, complimentry bath may not be given subject to time of arrival.
  • Pets booked into the Luxury Suites must meet the Luxury Suites boarding conditions:
    • Dogs must be familiar with indoor living
    • Dogs must be house trained i.e. toilet outside
    • Any permanent damage to the furniture in the suites must be paid for by the client
    • If any problems arise with behaviour in the suites, pets will be housed in the normal kennel runs and the price reverts back to regular kennel pricing
    • Note: we do not guarantee which suite a pet is to be booked in (see above conditions for all pets).
  • All cats must be desexed and vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu (F3 or F4). You must show a copy of the vaccination certificate on entry.
  • Vaccinations must be completed in full. This includes all 3 kitten injections.
  • Vaccinations must be given to pets at least 14 days prior to booking in.
  • Pets vaccinations must be given within a 12 month continual cycle.
  • Boarding fees are calculated on a “calendar day” basis, irrespective of the time of arrival or departure, and do not include optional extras.
  • A minimum ten-day charge applies to all bookings which include Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day.
  • A minimum six-day charge applies for the Easter Period.
  • All out-of-hours services attract a surcharge. (We do not offer after hours pick up and drop off. See FAQ)
  • PLEASE NOTE: there are no refunds or credits for early holiday returns or booking fees.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Please note that the prices we provide are an estimate of your booking and that there may be a price rise before your booking comes around. Any increase in your booking order will only be between 50c to 1.50 per day, per pet increase. Prices may increase each year to keep up with CPI and our increasing costs.
  • All charges are due upon entry of your pet.
  • Prices based on per pet per day.

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