Doggie Day Care

Break the boredom by giving your furkid a day at the Resort for Doggie Day Care!

We know that sometimes it’s hard to find enough time for your furkids after a long day at work. Some pets are full of energy and need that extra time to burn it off and play all day, and others miss you like crazy and need the distraction while you are away for long hours during the day.

Our Doggie Day Care service gives your pet a chance to socialise with other friendly, active dogs who thrive on the extra attention and learning the Resort routines. It’s also a fantastic way for your pet to get used to the boarding environment, so that when they come for their holidays at the Resort they settle in quickly and relax.

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To be eligible to join the Doggie Day Care your fur baby must:

The Benefits:

Dogs thrive on being active and getting lots of attention! When they are home for long periods, boredom can lead to destructive behaviour in some cases, or might meant that they are just not getting enough exercise and attention during the day which can be exhausting for you once you arrive home from work. Giving them a day at Doggie Day Care gives them plenty of opportunity to burn off some energy, socialise, and get plenty of human contact from our amazing team of pet care professionals.




Some pets will miss you terribly while you are away from them during the day! Don’t feel guilty, we know that life gets busy. Sending them to a Doggie Day Care day with us will help them get used to separating from you, and help them enjoy their time in a different environment from home.




At some stage, your pet will likely need to be away from you for a period of time, so that you can go on holidays! Many families find Day Care a great way to introduce their pet slowly to the Resort, and gives their pet time to learn the routines, get to know our team, and feel comfortable here. This means that when it comes time to leave them with us overnight, they settle in faster and feel comfortable right away.

Daily Schedule:

What does a day at our Doggie Day Care Enrichment Program look like for your pooch?

When you arrive at the Resort in the morning, our team will complete a check-in process for your pet in our reception, where you will give your pooch a cuddle and say goodbye. We will them take them down to the Resort and get them settled in to their allocated room for the day. Our reception is open Monday – Saturday from 7am – 12 in the mornings for Day Care arrivals, but we do recommend that Day Care pets arrive at the Resort sometime between 7am and 8:30am in order to get the most out of the day!

It’s time to play! They will head out into our grassy play yards for some fun, and get to use our play yard toys and have a splash in the Doggie pools. If you pet is social, they will be assigned to a group of pets with similar temperaments and energy levels, and taken out together for supervised playtime together. If your pet is not considered suitable for a social group for any reason, that’s ok too. Many of our Solo breed Day Care dogs love their routine here, and they still get to have all of the same fun as those that play in groups! They will have individual play sessions with staff instead, with lots of cuddles and interaction.

Time to enjoy their lunch (if their parents say its ok!). We feed Royal Canin dry food, and keep a range of various other options on hand for those fussy eaters. Just let the team know on check-in if you would like your pet to have a meal while they are here for Day Care.

After such a busy time in the morning routine, it’s time to have a much needed rest. Lights out, music on, and naptime! This gives them a chance to recuperate, rehydrate, and get ready for some more afternoon fun!

More playtime?! Of course! Out they go again, into the play yard for another fun filled session in our grassy play yards.

The pets head back to their room again after their session is complete to cool down, relax, and rest before it’s time to go home.

We are open for departures from Day Care between 1-4pm, Monday – Saturday. When you arrive to collect your furkid, we will complete the check-out and bring them up to meet you in the reception to head home.

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Northshore Pet Resort provides an opportunity for your dog to socialise, play and be entertained in a fun and safe environment.

Doggy day care allows your puppy to develop their socialization skills, avoid the boredom of being left home alone and hopefully reduce the likelihood of separation anxiety when left alone at home. This is all done under the watchful eye of our fully trained staff members.

While at Northshore Pet Resort’s Doggy Day care, your pet will be in a fully fenced play area and will be supervised by our staff. Playtime includes play equipment, toys and lots of cuddles and pats. Your pet will also have a day care room for time-out, sleeps and lunch.

Included in your pet’s Doggy Day Care is all food, bedding, fun toys, playtime and lots of cuddles. 

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