Enrichment – what is it?

Enrichment for pets can be a wide variety of things, because enrichment is basically any action that improves or enhances your pets quality of life. Every pet is different, so what might be enrichment to one pet, could very well be stressful to another. It’s important to know what the right thing is for your pet, and this depends on a number of things:

  • Cat or Dog?
  • Breed and personality traits
  • Age
  • Mobility
  • The outside environment
  • Time of day
  • How long since they last ate?

For example, if you have a high energy dog who loves nothing more than to run around chasing ball non-stop, it’s best to avoid doing this when it is extremely hot or cold outside – this will ensure you avoid stress from exposure to the elements, and any possibility of dehydration. Sometimes this could be the only time of the day you have to spend with your pet, so its understandable that you want to provide some sort of enrichment! Why not try a treasure hunt where its nice and cool inside the house instead? Or go for a swim at your local doggie beach? Or spend some time inside working on fun training tricks or basic commands that will stimulate your pet and keep them active?

Think outside the box – remember enrichment is anything at all that improves your pets day. We are BIG on enrichment when your pet is staying at the Resort. Aside from the constant human companionship and breaks from their rooms, here are a couple of ideas of the best additions to your pets holiday:

  • Playtimes – great for cats and dogs! If your dog is social and active, they will love roaming around the yard playing with our staff or with their new puppy friends. However even if you pet is shy, a playtime does not necessarily mean we expect your pet to actively ‘play’. It could mean that session time is used to cuddle your shy pet, or sit and brush them if they find it relaxing, or even just to let them roam around the secure areas filled with toys and activities for them, so they don’t have to interact with us if they really don’t want to! This can sometimes be true for cats, as some cats are not social creatures – but our cattery is filled with pretty scenery, plants, mirrors, toys, and scratching pole towers to keep them amused and get some much needed exercise.
  • Kong treats (for dogs) – these are a great way to provide stimulation for your pet. We provide a kong suitable to the size of your dog, fill it with treats, place them in a private room for some peace, and let them work out the puzzle!

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