• Payment to cover your pet’s stay and any extras
    • Current Vaccination Certificate – our friendly staff can let you know what vaccinations your pets need
    • Tick prevention is recommended for all pets
    • Contact phone numbers – in case of emergency or questions

If your pet is arriving after 10am please let staff know if needs feeding

  • Details of special medication – plus enough medication to last the duration of your pet’s stay
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to undesexed pets. For more information please call the office.

Say your goodbyes at home, and allow your pet to settle in as quickly as possible. Our friendly kennel staff will look after your pet as if he/she was their own, and help them quickly accustomise to their new quarters.

Advise the staff on any special characteristics your pet may have. For example:

  • Behavioural problems
  • Fence climbers
  • Persistent barking
  • Special diets
  • Phobias (lightning or storms etc)
  • Fear biting
  • Past or persistent medical problems

Canine Cough, also known as infectious tracheobronchitis, is one of the most common respiratory diseases in dogs and is highly contagious, due to being an airborne virus. Dogs can become infected with Canine Cough wherever they gather, such as in parks, dog runs, obedience classes, dog shows or kennels. Even if your dog is vaccinated there is still some risk of infection.

The only sign should be a harsh hacking cough, which often finishes with gagging. “Tracheobronchitis should be suspected whenever the characteristic cough suddenly develops about 10 days after exposure to other susceptible or affected dogs. Usually severity diminishes during the first 5 days, but the disease persists for 10-20 days.” (The Merck Veterinary Manual, 8th Edition, 1998. Merck & Co Inc. p, 1125.)

It is recommended that your dog be kept as quiet as possible, as undue stress or excitement can cause these symptoms to become worse. More urgent treatment is required if signs such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or greenish nasal discharge occurs and the cough persists. If these symptoms appear, phone for a time to see your vet as soon as possible.

No amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care can prevent a dog from “catching” an airborne virus. All that a good boarding kennel can do is to strongly recommend immunisation against tracheobronchitis, refuse to board any obviously sick dog, listen and watch for any signs of sickness, and make sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. (Strangely, the dog with parainfluenza alone may not appear ill, yet is contagious). Professional boarding kennels would justifiably expect owners to accept the financial responsibility for such care. Your PIAA member is devoted to your pet’s well being. Look for his membership certificate proudly displayed.

Should your pet need vet treatment during your pet’s stay at our resort we will:

  • Try to contact you on the contact numbers that you have left (it is your responsibility to leave us contact numbers)
  • Should we be unable to contact you we will make the decision in the best interest for the pet acting with in the terms of the boarding contract.
  • The pet will be taken to the vet of NPR choice unless told and noted by the client on the bottom of the boarding contract to take to a specific vet.
  • All vets bills will be required to be paid by the pet’s owner as per the contract of boarding.
  • Should your pet be taken to NPR’s choice of vet a fee will be charged for transport and time spent at vet. (Est. from – $40.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hr or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • Should you request to have your pet taken to a vet of your choice for treatment Northshore Pet resort will charge a cost for transport starting at (cost depends on vet location and time spent at vet) (Est. from – $40.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hr or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • It is at the discretion for NPR to have the vet come to the resort to treat the pet and vet travel is to be paid by Their owner as per boarding contract.

Unfortunately our resort cannot offer out of hours pick up or delivery options as our local council have set noise limits which restricts us from opening out side of certain times. After many surveys to clients we have come up with the operating hours to best suit the majority of what clients want. Staff take care every afternoon to check each pet and settle them in for the night. Exercises sessions are set up for pets strategically each day in order to help pets sleep well throughout the night. You can understand how disturbing all the pets once settled down of an afternoon to get a pet out after hours can be upsetting for the rest of the guests but also our neighbors. Our staff work hard every day to care for your pets to the best of our ability and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

We take pride in the standards of care we offer and serving your pets own meals is no exception. Food is listed, labelled, stored appropriately and defrosted where required. The own food service procedure takes a dedicated staff member to serve and ensure your pet is provided their food precisely as requested.

Medicating animals is a business we take seriously. We’ll make detailed notes of your pets medication instructions upon check in and accurately log each application during their stay. Medication rounds are carried out by a dedicated and experienced member of our resort team so you can rest assured it will be done efficiently and correctly.

When we go on holiday we like to participate in exciting experiences and meet new people- it’s the same for your pet! Our playtimes are a great opportunity for your dog or cat to make new friends, play their favourite games or simply enjoy some quality one on one attention with our animal loving team.

Exercise and playtime are so important for your pets while they stay away from home, because it gives them a chance to stretch their legs and free their minds! Improving their state of mind will help to alleviate any stress they may experience from being away from home, improving their health in the process.

Our playtime activities include: interactive games, personal time, pet check, light brush, energy burn session, socialisation, and more under the supervision of our trained professionals.

Our canine guest room rates are based on social shared accommodation and we provide an amazing match making service where your pooch is paired up with other similar sized, like-minded dogs. However, there are some breeds, personalities and sizes that enjoy their own space and prefer not to share their things or our attention with another dog. A ‘solo’ rate reserves an entire guest room along with the services included with it. This means your dog will experience one on one attention from our team and some quality relaxation time.

The resort can be a very busy place with guests arriving and departing as well as our extensive daily care routines. These activities can be tiring to watch for your pet so we dedicate 1 hour of lights out quiet time so your dog or cat can lay down and relax for a midday nap in peace. You can leave a voicemail or email during this hour period and we’ll return your enquiry at the first opportunity.

Vaccinations can be tricky to understand with all of the different brands and variables available on the market today. When your dog or cat receives a full C5 or F3 injection, it takes up to 2 weeks for their immunity to fully restore and optimise. In many cases this is a manufacturer stipulation and we must abide by these requirements. Your vet will be able to give great advice on isolation times and we’re always here to help- just give us a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. We’ll do our best to get you the answers and solutions you’re looking for!

If you have a dog who is booked to holiday in our shared accommodation, it’s best to keep his belongings at home. Dogs love to play so beds, blankets and own collars can turn into great wrestling toys! We provide safe, sturdy beds that your dog will have no problems relaxing on.

Have a cat? Or your dog is booked into a solo room? We don’t mind settling them in with a small item such a blanket or favourite teddy. Make sure it’s not too favoured though as items can become damaged or lost during your pets stay and we are unable to wash soiled belongings here at the resort.

Generally speaking Friday’s and Monday’s are our busiest arrival and departure days for pets to be holidaying with us. Over the years of operating, we have surveyed and found people tend to get back from their holidays later on Sunday and/or Monday morning. This is why we open between 3-5pm on a Sunday, with 5pm giving customers a later time to arrive back from their holiday rather than our 4pm closing time on all other days of the week.

Sunday tends to typically be a collection day and as most people are not checking out from their hotels until 10am we had found by the time they commuted to us, opening for a longer period would not be a feasible option for us as a small business due to the limited number of customers requiring that reception service. Most importantly, not having the office open until later in the afternoon allows all our staff more time to spend with the pets in getting them all bathed and ready to go home for those busier departure times, whilst keeping the resort that slice of paradise pets have come to know and love.

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