Can you train your cat?

You might be surprised by the answer! When we think of animal or pet training, we tend to think of dogs but our furry feline friends can be trained too!  Surprise! You may even be training them already without even realising it!  We know cats are independent and live life by their own rules, however, […]

Amazing Cats in History

Any cat owner will tell you how amazing cats are! Cats are incredibly smart creatures (just like their owners of course) and throughout history, cats have done some pretty astounding things!  We found three award-winning cats who have made their species proud!   Simon, The Navy Cat Simons story begins in 1948 in Hong Kong, when […]

10 Incredible Dog Facts

Dogs are amazing animals!!  10 incredible dog facts I bet you did not know… Firstly, here is a summarised list for all those skimming the blogs- you’re welcome!  Below includes more detail and our thoughts on each of these incredible dog facts relevant to dogs in Brisbane!  1) Dog’s hearing registers sounds of 35,000 vibrations […]

Mmmmm, Fido has fleas!

When was the last time you checked your cat or dog for fleas and ticks? Ticks and fleas can cause severe illness in pets {and sometimes death}.  Fleas and ticks in Brisbane are an excellent example of the old saying, ‘Big things come in small packages.’ They may be small, but they are one of […]

Toxic Plants In Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that many plants around our home and garden are poisonous and may be toxic to our furry friends!  It is believed that no plant can be labelled truly ‘safe’ as they all impact different systems in the body in some way or another. Symptoms range from mild to highly […]

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

We know their itty bitty whiskers are super cute but they are much more than just a tickly accessory! These incredible sensory tools serve a very important role in our cats’ lives.  Read on to discover more about whiskers and all they do for our cats!  Whiskers help cats to measure spaces: You have probably […]

The Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

Socialisation is vital for a dogs wellbeing, and doggy daycare can provide that and so much more! If you have a puppy or a solo dog, socialism helps them learn and interact more effectively with other dogs. But the benefits are much more than just socialisation! Here are some ways doggy daycare can help your […]

Award Winning Pet Resort in Brisbane

Congratulations Axiom! We are very pleased to share that Axiom Construction Group has been recognised at the Master Builders QLD awards for their outstanding work on our new pet accommodation building! Axiom took home the Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management award for their work on our massive and groundbreaking project. This recognition is […]

Common Cat Phobias

Cats are incredibly smart creatures with their own unique fears and anxieties. Every cat will behave differently when faced with a fear, and it’s important for its owner to know if their cat is scared, what they are afraid of, and how they can help. If you are a cat owner, you will be well […]

Why do dogs wag their tails?

It’s a common belief that dogs wag their tails when they are happy, but that is not always true! So what can we tell from their tails? Dogs communicate with their tails and, based on the position and motion of their tails, we can learn a lot about their emotional state. Tail wagging is an […]

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