Psychology behind ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’

Did you know that sometimes your pet is a reflection of your personality? There have been many studies which highlight the personality traits and differences between ‘cat people’ and ‘dog people’ with some researchers claiming that they can even guess which political party you voted for based on your choice of pet.

Although we know there are always exceptions to the rules, below are some general insights into the personalities of cat people and dog people. Can you relate to any of them?

Dog people are more outgoing

Multiple studies have shown that dog owners or dog lovers are much more sociable people compared to cat people. Doggos, as a general rule, tend to be more extroverted and enjoy human company. If we assume humans are more drawn to the kind of animals that they are similar to, then it would make sense that dog owners would tend to be more extroverted. For example, while a dog person feels stimulated by companionship and social situations, a cat person may prefer to relax on the sofa with a good book. In fact, one study shows that cat owners are more likely to live alone and in an apartment.

Cat people are more intelligent

While most studies show that cat people are more introverted and in general like to spend time alone, there is also a lot of evidence to suggest that those people who love kitties tend to be more naturally intelligent. In a personality experiment carried out in the US, 600 college students were first asked about their pet preference then asked a series of questions to determine their intelligence levels. The outcome showed that the majority of “cat people” achieved a higher score than the other participants.

Cat people are more open-minded

In almost all the studies done on the topic of ‘cat people vs. dog people’, those who love kitties tend to produce results which indicate that they are more creative or imaginative and may be less conformative in their beliefs, ideals and political stance. This is linked back to the fact that cats are much more independent than dogs and tend to be less reliant on their owners or a structured routine. It is even stated that cat people are more likely to lean towards the left when voting during elections.

Dog people are likely to tolerate cats but cat people hate dogs

Despite studies showing that cat people are more open-minded, there is one thing that they aren’t open-minded towards; dogs. Dr Stanley Coren was researching the concept of people’s personalities being reflected by their pets, and asked each cat lover the following question, “If you had adequate living space, and there were no objections from other people in your life, and someone gave you a puppy as a gift, would you keep it?”. The responses showed that 68% of cat lovers would not accept the puppy. Whereas, when dog lovers were asked the same question about a cat, 70% of them said that they would take the kitty.

This kind of makes sense when we consider the facts we’ve just discussed; if cat people are introverted, then they are likely to find a doggo a bit too boisterous and intrusive. However, if dog people are extroverted and more sociable, they are more likely to be tolerant of a wider range of personalities, or, animals.

Are there exceptions?

Of course there are! You may decide to move in with someone or have a partner whose pet becomes your pet. Also, dogs have been proven to help some people with social anxiety, and so you may be an introvert who enjoys the soothing relationship between you and your puppy. Or perhaps you’re just a flat out animal lover who loves dogs, kitties and every other kind of animal in between. That’s definitely the case for everyone in our animal-loving team at Northshore Pet Resort.

At Northshore Pet Resorte, each member of our staff is trained and committed to the safety and happiness of your fur babies. If you’re looking for accommodation for your pet, contact us via our online contact form

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