The Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

Socialisation is vital for a dogs wellbeing, and doggy daycare can provide that and so much more! If you have a puppy or a solo dog, socialism helps them learn and interact more effectively with other dogs. But the benefits are much more than just socialisation!

Here are some ways doggy daycare can help your dog:

It’s great exercise:

Your furry friend will burn off plenty of energy and be mentally stimulated as they play with their new friends. Burning off all this energy will exhaust your pup and keep them happy and calm at home, and ready for a nap! This stimulation can also assist with the reduction in or elimination of negative behaviours associated with anxiety, boredom and depression from loneliness. 

There are new friends to play with:

Dogs are instinctively pack animals so, playing with other dogs is a must! Socialisations helps shy dogs come out of their shell and also learn how to behave with others. It can also give them the confidence to enter new situations and react appropriately. Playtimes aren’t just for the pups, they involve our staff as well! There are lots of belly rubs, ball throwing and snuggles throughout the day. 

Assists with improving separation anxiety:

At doggy daycare, your pup is never alone! Playing with their new friends is a great distraction from missing mum and dad. Over time you may also notice a reduction in the symptoms of separation anxiety. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring your fur baby feels comfortable and loved while they are in our care. You can call us anytime to check-in! 

It’s a safe environment:

No need to worry about what your cheeky pup is getting up to when you aren’t home with them…have they got into the trash, found electrical wires or chewing on something they shouldn’t be? Are they bored at home and becoming destructive or barking excessively? 

It provides routine:

Our pups are like us and do better with structure. As creatures of habit, routine helps them feel more secure. This doesn’t mean that your pup needs to come every day (although many pups do and love it!), even a few days a week regularly is helpful to your dog! 

Many owners worry about their furbabies being home alone during the day, commonly from 6-10 hours at a time. Doggy daycare relieves that guilt and gives you the peace of mind that your pup is having fun while being cared for by professionals while you’re at work. 

Contact us today to book your pet in for doggy daycare! 

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