Tips to Calm your Dog’s Overprotective Behaviour

As much as we love our fur babies, having an overprotective dog can become pretty frustrating and can even sometimes pose a danger to other people. It’s a natural instinct for dogs to want to protect their owners- they are incredibly loyal after all- but it should only be tolerated when there is an actual threat or at least a seemingly real threat. You can’t have your dog ready to attack every time someone leans in for a hug. Fur-tunately, there are some pawesome tips and tricks you can try to put an end to your dog’s overprotective behaviour:

Warning Signs

Sometimes dogs will give warning signs that they are becoming overprotective, early in their pup life. It’s essential to keep an eye out for these signs because the earlier you notice their overprotective behaviour, the easier it will be to train them out of these bad habits or reactions. Some early indications of an overprotective doggo might be them showing signs of stress when they see another human getting close to you or perhaps even growling. They may also place themselves physically in between you and another person or other people. It’s important to have boundaries between you and your dog and within the household; otherwise, your dog may begin controlling you without you even noticing. 

Physical Distance

Often if a dog is overprotective they’ll be paw-ticularly protective towards one person, usually the person that they feel closest to. If that person is you, then you need to start creating some physical space between you and your pup- even though you probably love to spend heaps of time with your doggo (we know, it’s heartbreaking). Gradually get your dog used to spending some time alone and in a separate room from you with other people and members of your family. Ask your partner or other family members if they could start feeding your dog and taking him or her for walks more often to help get your fur-baby used to a variety of human company. 

You Decide When to Give Them Affection

Again, we know this is difficult since most of us want to spend our days cuddling our fur babies, but constant affection isn’t always the healthiest thing for your dog. If your doggo approaches you and is looking for some love, first make them obey a command so that your affection is more like a reward rather than something they have an unlimited supply of. If your dog persists by nudging you or barking, don’t give in by stroking them or paying attention. Stay strong!


Socialising your dog and placing them in environments with several other humans will help them realise that people aren’t a threat. If possible, you should start socialising your pup from a young age to prevent them from becoming overprotective. However, if your dog is older or very adversely opposed to being around other people, then you should talk to a dog trainer for advice and perhaps set up a training regime.

Obedience Training

You should train your overprotective doggo both at home and take them to an obedience class. Try to do 1-2 sessions at home per day with your dog so that you can establish that you’re the one in charge. An obedience class should also help you to see a relatively quick change in your dog’s behaviour.

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