What is Yappy Time?

cat being held by person

Yappy Time is one of the super-duper-fun enrichment extras that we offer at the Resort during your pets holidays. We know that many pets are accustomed to having lots of love (and probably the odd treat too!) at home with you. Whilst our playtime sessions are a great way to make friends, get the much-needed exercise, and burn some energy, Yappy Time is to remind them that this is just like home – humans providing cuddles, love and food!

Yappy Time is one-on-one time with your pet, while we give them their treat and a great big cuddle and pat to go along with it. Sometimes, whilst they are settling into their new environment with us, pets can be a little hesitant to receive food (even when it comes in the form of a yummy treat!). Being able to sit with them for this one-on-one experience and encourage them to eat the treat along with a cuddle is a huge benefit. For those who are not so shy or concerned, it’s a great way to get some extra doggie kisses in with our animal loving team!

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