Why book playtimes for cats?

There are only 2 types of cats in this world… the ones who are social, and the ones who are not! Unlike dogs, cats have a higher tendency to want to stay to themselves, and it often takes a little more time for the Resort staff to gain their trust and affection.

Regardless of how social or friendly your feline is, they all need enrichment of some sort. A playtime session is exactly that – enrichment. It is whatever your pet needs (because lets face it, they are the boss!) to give them additional time outside of the confines of their room, getting to know us, exploring the fun activities in the cattery and getting a really good leg stretch. Some cats are very friendly and active, and they love nothing more than interacting with us for some great one-on-one attention.

Don’t worry if they don’t love other people, or are very shy – giving them the opportunity to get out of their room is beneficial not just for them building a closer relationship with us and our environment, but any additional activity also increases their appetite and helps along the toileting schedule as well! The more comfortable they are, the more the move, the more they eat, the more they go to the toilet…. The happier we are! Overall it will improve their state of mind and help to alleviate any stress that they may experience from being away from home.

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