Why book playtimes for Dogs?

Dogs are social creatures, there is no doubt about that. Some are social with other dogs, some only social with humans, and some are social with both! Whichever category your dog fits into, additional time socialising with their favourites is the best way to add enrichment to their daily routine whilst staying at the Resort.

For the social butterflies, playtimes are a great way to make new friends. We have many regular pets who stay with us now that know each other, because they have met before in a play session! They can roam around the yard, play with the toys, splash in the pool or play their favourite game. If your pet is a little shy or less mobile, just being out there and enjoying some quality one-on-one attention with our staff is a great way for them to enjoy their playtime session and help them feel more settled.

No matter how active you pet is, exercise is very important while you pet is away from home. They could be missing you a little, but stretching their legs improves their state of mind, increases their appetite to enjoy our meals, and helps to alleviate any stress they may be feeling.

If you pet is not social with other dogs or requires a solo room for any reason, we offer Solo Playtime sessions as well which are a great way for them to enjoy some quality individual attention with our animal loving team. We will interact with them however they like – games, toys, brushing, cuddles, kisses, whatever they need!

Chat to our amazing staff next time you book, and we can help you decide how many playtime sessions would be suitable for your pet during their holiday at the Resort.

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