Why do dogs get the Zoomies?

If you’ve got a dog or have friends that do, you’ve probably seen them running in circles at full speed around the backyard or at the park.

Maybe they even do it inside! You’ve also probably wondered what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Were they spooked out? Had they been stung by a bee? What’s more likely is that they simply had a case of the zoomies. Northshore Pet Resort has everything you need to know about the zoomies, so keep reading to learn more!

What are the zoomies?

We’re so glad you asked! The zoomies have been deemed as Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs for short. This is where a dog explodes with a sudden burst of energy that has been built up, similar to when a volcano erupts. While dogs may seem calm and content for most of the day, they are active animals and do like to move. When they haven’t been very active, they need to release this energy, and this comes in the form of the zoomies.The zoomies can also occur when a dog feels nervous. Just like humans have a fight or flight response, which involves a release of adrenaline from the amygdala, so do dogs. Anytime a dog is unable to express its natural behaviour and basic instinctive responses, this can give rise to the zoomies.

When do the zoomies happen?

Given that the zoomies are a way for dogs to release their pent-up energy, they can often happen first thing in the morning after a long sleep. If you’ve been at work all day and you return home and your dog starts having the zoomies, this is also very common.When dogs are being restrained or walked on a leash, this can actually be quite stressful for them, which can also be a trigger for the zoomies. Even though they’re exercising, as soon as dogs are let off the leash, they go wild! While younger dogs are generally more likely to have an attack of the zoomies, older dogs can still have them, but they probably won’t last as long as their younger counterparts.

Are the zoomies safe?

100% YES. The zoomies are natural and normal dog behaviour. As long as there are no physical obstacles in your dog’s way that may harm them while they let off steam, the zoomies are fine. Obviously, commonsense should be exercised here, as it may not be that safe to let your dog have the zoomies in a room filled with precious china or on a slippery floor surface.A fully fenced yard is the ideal place for your dog to enjoy the zoomies and let them get all of that excess energy out of their system. The zoomies might appear to be fun for your dog, but if they’re occurring more and more regularly, we advise you to take note of what tends to precede or cause the episodes. This way you can make changes to your dog’s lifestyle that will allow them to expend this energy in a more productive way before it builds up into the zoomies.Northshore Pet Resort absolutely loves pets and we’re always happy to help our fellow pet lovers understand their pets more. The zoomies are always welcome at Northshore Pet Resort, as are your pets! So if you’ve been looking for a secure and comfortable place for your babies to take a holiday while you take your own holiday, look no further. Contact us on (07) 3203 3332 or via our online contact form.

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