Why is Vaccination Verification so Important?

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For new and existing clients, we will always ask to have a copy of your pet’s current vaccination certificate on file. Why you may wonder? Well, because no matter what, we put your pet’s health and well-being first. Vaccinations are important because they offer protection from various illnesses that are passed on from one pet to another.

Some of these illnesses can be easily spread, especially if they are airborne, and can be contracted anywhere. We know that if a pet is properly vaccinated, then they are provided with protection in the event that they come into contact with any of the mainstream illnesses in Australia. Even though they may still contract some illnesses (like the flu), having the vaccine means that the immune system is properly equipped to fight the virus off as quickly and efficiently as possible. We ask for verification to ensure that our records are up to date, and so that each and every client coming to the Resort can rest assured that all pets within the Resort are currently vaccinated.

Being ‘current’ can mean lots of different things because every vaccine manufacturer has different requirements and isolation periods, which can make things confusing and stressful! Get in contact with our reception team, who can help you determine if your pet’s vaccination is considered current for boarding. We will go above and beyond to get to the bottom of it for you!

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