Rewarding loyal customers

We provide a loyalty scheme for customers of Northshore and Samford Pet Resorts. These offer a range of benefits, from free offers after a certain number of stays, to discounts on booking fees and other benefits for regular customers.

Points Rewards System Membership

The system is offered FREE to all boarding pet clients of Samford Pet Resort or Northshore Pet Resort.

Entitles you to a $50.00 credit against your file once a total of 2500 points have been reached. (The $50.00 credit can not be redeemed for cash, it is only to be taken off a stay with Northshore Pet resort)

  • Guest Rooms = 50 points (per day)
  • Resort Suites = 70 points (per day)
  • Luxury Suites = 90 points (per day)
  • Day Care = 40 points (per day)
  • PlayTimes = 8 points (per session)
  • Walks = 10 points (per session)
  • Yappy Treats = 5 points (per session)
  • Pet Space = 10 points (per session)
  • Sport Package = 15 points (per session)

All holders of the Loyalty and Club Cards are entitled to the benefits listed above.

All recipients of these points must abide by the terms and conditions of this system listed below.

  • Points rewards system can only be redeemed by the person to whom the order belongs to.
  • Points rewards system is only for use by pets who are boarding with us.
  • Points rewards system can only be used for pets belonging to the points rewards system holder.
  • Samboot Pty Ltd reserves the right to revoke or cancel the points reward system at any time. This may be done with or without notice or reason.
  • Benefits or point structure of the points rewards system may change from time to time without notice.
  • Samboot Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this points rewards system at their own discretion without notice.
  • Points can only be used at the Resort of which the points are being tallied. Points are not transferable between Resorts or customers.
    Membership is free.
  • Benefits are able to be claimed once per family of pets.
  • A person can only become a member of the program directly with NPR. All members are required however to be 18+.
  • Members will be bound by these Terms and Conditions which may be varied from time to time due to the needs and requirements of the business. Samboot Pty Ltd will endeavour to communicate to its members these changes however wish to make it clear that any alterations/changes/decisions in relation to this program are final.
  • Samboot Pty Ltd may terminate a membership without notice for any reason including, and without limitation to, if the member;
    – Fails to comply with these membership Terms and Conditions
    – Abuses any privileges offered to the member
    – Supplies any misleading information or makes any misrepresentations to Samboot Pty Ltd or companies
    – If the member does not use his or her membership for a period of 12 months.
  • Membership points are not cash redeemable, are not transferable, and remain the property of Samboot Pty Ltd and must be returned to Northshore Pet Resort if a member ceases to be a member.
  • The membership benefits have no cash value and cannot be sold or transferred for cash. The membership benefits are valid for the named member only.
  • Benefits may only be received once the required points have been reached.
  • Benefits may not be used with any other special offer.
  • By providing their information, members authorise Samboot Pty Ltd, and its affiliated and subsidiary companies, to collect, process and use the data provided for any lawful, Samboot Pty Ltd Group business related purpose including marketing and communications with members via electronic direct mail, newsletter and SMS in relation to the products and services offered by the Samboot Pty Ltd Privilege programme; to store the data at and transmit the data to various location(s), either directly or through its third party vendor(s).
  • Points are accumulated based on days stayed and activities booked per pet. The benefit received after accumulation of points is applied to the customer not on an individual pet basis.

For full details of the benefits, qualification criteria and conditions for our loyalty scheme cards, please see the information on the Samford Pet Resort website.

The Resort Rewards Card

This card is no longer offered and in its place is our new points rewards system. Any old cards will be null and void.

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