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Everyone seems short on time these days! More commitments, hectic lifestyles, demanding jobs, family time… the days and weeks just seem to fly past. Booking a holiday often just adds to this and can be pretty stressful, with choosing a destination, accommodation and flights and arranging to be away – but what about your furry family members?

To ensure you don’t add any additional stress, make a booking as soon as you can for your pet, so that you can rest assured that they can get the accommodation needed to enjoy their holiday too. Being able to make a booking request online for your pets holiday makes this process even easier. Our online booking portal is fully integrated into our accommodation program, and you can even personalise it by adding cute photos of your pet for us to enjoy!

The functions of our online booking system now include all stages of the booking process, including being able to upload your current vaccination certificate prior to your stay and even making payments online, so you can do it at a time that suits you without being restricted by business hours.

Convenience is the key – make your holiday planning as easy and stress free as you can, so that you can concentrate on the important things in life.

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