Month: May 2019

What is Yappy Time?

What is Yappy Time? cat being held by person

Yappy Time is one of the super-duper-fun enrichment extras that we offer at the Resort during your pets holidays. We know that many pets are accustomed to having lots of love (and probably the odd treat too!) at home with you. Whilst our playtime sessions are a great way to make friends, get the much-needed […]

Why is Vaccination Verification so Important?

Why is Vaccination Verification so Important? cute golden retriever

For new and existing clients, we will always ask to have a copy of your pet’s current vaccination certificate on file. Why you may wonder? Well, because no matter what, we put your pet’s health and well-being first. Vaccinations are important because they offer protection from various illnesses that are passed on from one pet […]

Pet Transport Services – What’s On Offer

Pet Transport Services – What’s On Offer dog with head out the window

Holiday planning is complicated! If transporting your pet to or from the Pet Resort would ease the process of arriving and departing from your holiday, we can help. Our transport vehicles are fitted with fixed internal enclosures and non-slip mats for optimal safety, and most importantly they are air-conditioned to make your pet’s trip as […]

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